Building Tomorrow,
Rooted In Today.

This encapsulates SNFLWR's commitment to visionary real estate development, while staying connected to present needs. This is our way of fostering sustainable growth and meaningful impacts in the communities we serve.
"SNFLWR  believes in the power of relationships, collaboration, and intentional growth. We strive to build exceptional experiences based on trust and mutual respect in the communities we operate in. By surrounding ourselves with good people doing good things, we can achieve greatness together."
-Jeremy Dawn, founder & ceo
Sunflowers in a field.

Our Story

Founded with a shared vision, SNFLWR Investment Corporation is a property development company based in the serene Okanagan region of British Columbia. Our seasoned management team brings together over 50 years of experience in the Canadian real estate development and construction sector.

Rooted in a commitment to transparency and vertical integration, our growing enterprise seeks to demystify the real estate process. We foster enduring relationships with customers, community stakeholders, partners, contractors, suppliers, and our dedicated team. This shared mantra empowers us to innovate and create concepts that enrich and support communities.


Our Values

At SNFLWR, we believe in the power of collaboration and intentional growth. Our team is made up of passionate professionals who share a common vision of excellence, and we work closely with a broader network of like-minded experts to bring our projects to life. For us, excellence is more than just a goal; it's a way of life.

Connection Through Clarity
By opening dialogue and nurturing connections, we cultivate an environment where collaboration thrives, ensuring our shared success.
Community-Centered Excellence
Our dedication to creating spaces and opportunities that not only enhance lives, but also foster vibrant and connected communities.
Grit-Driven Innovation
Embrace challenges as catalysts for creative and smarter solutions.

Our Community

At SNFLWR, we are firm believers in community support because we recognize that the success of any organization is closely tied to the strength of its community.

As we expand, our dedication to giving back grows in tandem. We extend financial support, volunteer our time, and contribute our building and business expertise to the following organizations.

Central Okanagan Economic Development CommissionKelowna Gospel MissionMamas For MamasPurppl
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